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LS Pedal Bracket

Woody's Hot Rodz - LS Pedal Bracket

So, you’ve decided to bring your tri-five into the 21st century with some LS power. The premise of power, fuel mileage, and reliability has taken over, and you've finally bit the bullet. Your new Connect and Cruise package from GM Performance arrives at your front door, and giddy as a schoolchild, you unbox everything like its Christmas morning. You take a look at the engine and....wait....what is THAT? You know, that "thing" on the front of the intake. Looks like a throttle body, but where does the cable hook to it? You unbox your kit further to discover a gas pedal, only it doesn't have a spot for a cable either! What's going on here!?

For those not familiar, most every vehicle uses "drive­ by-wire" technology these days. Rather than use a throttle cable like days past, the throttle body itself uses a stepper motor to position the throttle blade, utilizing a position sensor at the pedal assembly to tell it how much throttle you're applying. Being as these types of things are utilized by the OE market, you know that it's good to go for hundreds of thousands of miles, and the premise of being able to easily hide wires to operate the throttle body as opposed to a giant throttle cable out in the open is always a nice bonus. The problem with Tri-fives is the way the firewall is made, it puts you in a tough spot when it comes to needing a flat area for mounting. Fortunately, with their turn-key builds being 98% LS powered, the guys at Woody's Hot Rodz came up with this killer Connect and Cruise pedal bracket. And the installation couldn't be any simpler....

1. Woody's LS pedal bracket is based around the GM part number 10379038 pedal that is include in a Connect and Cruise package. This pedal is widely applicable to many drive-by-wire setups

2. Only small modification is needed to the pedal itself, a 90 degree bend along the scored line on the leftmost mounting Tab follows the contour of the bracket.

3. Once the tab is bent, the pedal itself is bolted to the bracket using supplied hardware. No need to go bolt hunting, Woody's gives you everything you need.

4. The bottom left hole on the bracket aligns itself with a factory hole next to the recess on the firewall. This gives you’re your reference point for the other three holes to be drilled. Bolt one through, hold in place, and drill through the holes in the bracket.

5. With the holes depending on what all you have in your engine bay, trimming may be required on the fastener.

6. Cover yourself! Without a gas pedal to protrude through the firewall, you're left with a gaping hole. Woody's includes a cover and fasteners for the void.

And just like that, You're ready to "connect and cruise!"

To order your LS Pedal Bracket, visit HERE.
For a printable version of instructions, visit HERE.

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