The Danchuk Tri-Five Nationals presented by Woody's Hot Rodz
Your Build, It All Starts Here...

Step by Step, Your Build Starts Here...

Woody's Hot Rodz is proud to be THE builder of more BRAND NEW 1955, 1956 and 1957 Chevrolets than anyone in the world. Since the automotive aftermarket began offering all of the components needed to build all new 1955, 1956 and 1957 Chevrolet bodies, Woody's Hot Rodz has sold more than all other retailers combined. This is not by accident. We complete more of these cars because of three things.
  1. We know these cars. Combined, the staff of Woody's owns over a dozen Tri-Five Chevys. We live, breathe and love these cars.
  2. Tri-Fives are all we do. After years of building different kinds of cars for customers all over the world, we found that our reputation grew the strongest for the 55-57 Chevrolets we finished. You tend to excel at what you love most and those are the cars we enjoyed building so naturally they turned out very well. Once we recognized this, we decided to only build Tri-Five Chevys. Likewise, we decided to get into retail and only sell Tri-Five Chevy parts. We don't sell parts for other makes and models because we feel we owe it to our customers to know the most about one product line rather than know very little about many.
  3. We are not a parts retailer that builds cars on the side. We are custom car builders that happen to sell parts. Why does this matter? It matters because we build cars with the same products listed on this website on a daily basis. We won't sell parts we don't personally use in our own builds. Because of this we understand the issues associated with many aftermarket parts and know how to work around them.

Call The Experts at Woody's at 855-567-1957 to discuss how to get started building your Tri-Five!

Starts with the Body - Year & Style

Using BRAND NEW bodies officially licensed by Chevrolet Performance, we currently build 7 styles of Classic Chevrolets. Customers from around the world have trusted Woody's to build their dream cars from scratch starting with these hand built bodies right here at Woody's Hot Rodz in Bright, Indiana. We are the only shop that can sell, construct and build to completion a NEW Tri-Five Chevrolet. Everything starts with a handcrafted body by Woody's Hot Rodz.

Your build starts on a Solid Foundation

We offer many different foundations for beginning a new build. The most cost affective is a rebuilt original chassis that we locate for you, blast, clean, paint and rebuild using all new components. These OE chassis can be upgraded easily with components from this website such as Ridetech and Heidts with Wilwood brakes. Woody's Hot Rodz also offers 3 of our own all NEW chassis for Tri-Fives. From our nose bleed Gasser nostalgia chassis, to our Mustang II based front end chassis the Woody's Cruiser to the classic looking Woody's Classic chassis, Woody's produces a wide array of options for you to base your project on. We also sell Art Morrison chassis for those that want to experience the fullest in Classic Chevy corner carving performance. Call today for details.

The "Heartbeat" of Your Build

Woody's is proud to sell a full line of Chevrolet Performance engines from Rinke Chevrolet and our Woody's Automatic transmissions. With the diversity of customers we have, we certainly have a driveline that will suit most customer's desires and have it carry a warranty! Car building certainly has changed for the better through the years!! It's now as easy as click it....and build it.

Don't Forget About the Details

New to Woody's Hot Rodz is our TMI Interiors. Whether its a stock look or completely custom, we can provide you the interior that makes your Classic Chevy truly yours. We begin by applying Dynamat sound deadener to the cabin to keep it quiet, then we apply our own thermal insulation to keep out the unwanted heat, then using carpeting from Auto Custom Carpets and interior components from Danchuk, Eddies, Dakota Digital, ididit and others we work with our customers to give them the look and feel they are desiring. If you can dream it, you can build it..... Call us today 855-567-1957.

Craftsmanship - The Tri-Five Experts®

You can begin with a Woody's built Chevrolet Performance officially licensed body using Golden Star Auto panels, a Woody's custom chassis, and all the components needed to complete your Tri-Five from right here at Woody's Hot Rodz. Of course the options are too many to list, but we can provide the parts to build your car, your way. Whether you start with a stock chassis, an Art Morrison or one of our Gasser or Cruiser chassis the foundation you are looking for is available through Woody's. We have powertrains from Chevrolet Performance that will certainly fulfill most customer's dreams. We exclusively use American Autowire to string the power throughout and Vintage Air to cool our rides. Since we have been building cars for many years, Woody's staff is all very familiar with what "works" and what doesn't and if you ask, most likely we will tell you.

One of the biggest parts of any build is the exterior. Woody's has built well over two dozen national magazine cars and has had countless cars featured in magazines throughout the years. The same attention that goes into building those cars goes into building all customer cars. Our talented team can not only build your new body, we can also completely paint it for you. Due to demand, Woody's Hot Rodz only offers our high quality paint service on our own, in house, turn-key builds. We do not offer paint service for body builds or as special projects. Call us for details and we will be glad to help you build your dream.....or help as much a you want us to. 855-567-1957